Pecking Order

The big orange cat thinks the circular mirror over the dresser is a magic portal leading to other cat worlds where another massive orange cat stands lookout for intruders. He’s pretty pissed about it, actually.

He’s a doofus.

The other two cats know he’s a doofus, but they tolerate him because he’s good in a fight and he rarely eats all his wet food ration, leaving plenty for marauding felines.

He doesn’t know he’s a doofus, which is why he proudly perches on prized furniture and stalks the yard shoulder-to-shoulder with the rotund and fearless leader. He is the second in command who doesn’t realize he got the job because he makes both a good boxer and patsy and he’s too dim to snitch properly. Plus, he seems to have garnered and extra dose of cuteness that causes the humans to dote and fawn with treats and catnip which can be distributed according to the leader’s whims.