You’ve come…not that far, really, baby!

Remember back in the old days when women who had the audacity to play professional sports were expected to wear ridiculous get-ups that were deemed “sexy” enough to attract male viewers and to sell tickets to people who would ordinarily rather scratch themselves at church than watch women play sports?

No, not that. This.


These women actually play good football. They hit hard. They throw ‘sort of [like] Peyton Manning …a pass sixty yards with pinpoint accuracy.” Except they play with minimal padding and “uniforms” that are smaller than some swimsuits. So, they’re supposed to look “good” while ramming themselves as hard as possible into another person while practically naked? And the pay?

That’s the best part of it. There is no salary. The players get a percentage of the gate based on them winning and losing. There’s a big discrepancy between those percentages. The players are going to be incented to play fierce football and win games.-Mitch Mortaza, founder

Think you could talk some of the NFL players into this plan? You must be “hot.” You must be willing to play for the opportunity to be seen having your junk fall out in front of a stadium full of exploitative “fans.” And you must try not to get hurt. The looks part alone would get at minimum half of the current NFL players tossed out on their overly-spanked asses.

Then again, it appears sports isn’t the only place where men, in general, are accused of being less supportive of the other sex as they could be.

(Of course, that’s a whole other can of words (sic) which you can open all over here-ish:)