Twitter is Dead. Long Live Twitter.

For those of us who have been on the old bird site for a while now, it will be missed when Enlongated Tusk finally drives it off the final cliff and it catches fire like a Tesla.

I know all the old “Facebook was always the best” stans are having a moment of glory, but for too many of us, that place felt far more toxic than Twitter. Part of it was the whole “real name” thing. Look, my driver’s license doesn’t say “Neliza Drew” and it’s not because I’m trans (though, why would it be Zuckerberg’s business if I was), but because my legal name is to SEO like store-brand mayonnaise is to a sandwich. So, I have a pen name that’s more easily searchable (even if people find it less easy to pronounce). (Note about that: I don’t care if you say “Na-Lie-Zah,” “Ney-Lee-Zah” or some other variation. It’s a pen name, not an important part of my culture, so I’m not offended if you can’t figure out what to do with my made-up name. In my head, it’s Nell-Eye-Zah” like Eliza with an N, but if that’s too much, “Drew” works, too. I spent too many years teaching in a detention setting where I was known only by my last name to think that’s an odd way to address people.) If you know IRL, you could also call me by the name my friends and family know me by. Frankly, I’m more likely to answer to “Hey, you!” than the name on my driver’s license unless I’m actually at the DMV.

Where to find me on the interwebs (besides here):
Twitter (until the wheels come off for good).


Hive (as @nelizadrew)


CounterSocial (@nelizadrew I’m not paying for a public linking account)







YouTube (I never seem to use this channel, but it exists.)

Twitch (I may need convincing to use this regularly since I don’t game and my craft shit is on the wrong side of the room from the computer setup.)

Other website