Florida Roadtrippin’ Day Seven (end point home)

Day Seven (Saturday, July 9)
Places to Stay: Home!

Things to Do: North Brevard County Historical Museum
Wander Titusville
Antique Mall
Beaches are pretty much always a given.

Stuff to Eat:
Honestly, the breakfast at Casa Coquina was pretty darn good. The lunch we had at Pizzoni’s in downtown Titusville? Not so much. I ordered the “veggie lovers” pizza without cheese. It came with sad tomatoes, sadder olives, and some sort of unidentifiable pepper. Honestly, I never figured out if it was supposed to be a bell pepper, a banana pepper, or some sort of pickled pepper. I kind of wanted to take the chef to the nearest Publix and introduce him to vegetables.
Dinner was leftovers from our cooler of traveling food because if you’re road trippin’ with me, you’re going to have a hard time starving to death.