Florida Roadtrippin’ Day Six (end point Titusville)

Day Six (Friday, July 8)  
We’ve been meaning to stop in Titusville and explore — especially go to the museum — for years, but we’ve always passing through on the wrong day or at the wrong time. The husband has a bunch of Tituses on his family tree and rumor has it from one of his great uncles, one of them was the Titus in Titusville.

Places to Stay:
There are other places, I’m sure, but for the money and the view and the awesome, you can’t beat Casa Coquina Del Mar. This was our big stay splurge, running about $155 for the night. Considering that’s about the going rate for boring conference hotels and this came with a balcony and a real, home-cooked breakfast, it could not be beat. (No stale muffins here. The owner literally cooked breakfast, taking into account guest diets so there was something for everyone.)

Things to Do:
Between Three Rivers SP and Titusville, we had a lot of options for routes. We hunted down a hard-to-find spring (Falmouth) and went swimming (and also almost got sucked into a garbage cave by the current); hiked around Suwanee River State Park; and still rolled into Titusville just before dusk.

Stuff to Eat:
We ate breakfast at the cabin in the morning and had picnic lunch at the state park when we stopped to hike. For dinner, we ended up at a Mexican/Cuban restaurant across the street from Casa Coquina.

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