Stationery Experiment

I’ve been playing around with making some stationery because:

  • I’ve been trying to write more letters and postcards, to get back to communicating with people in ways other than Tweets and FB posts that get lost in the shuffle, text messages I have to delete to clear my phone memory, IMs and DMs and because I think it makes people happy to find things in their mail box besides bills and junk.


  • I looked around for some and since Etsy’s changed so much, I found it way too hard (too much of a time suck) to find cute, affordable stationery that wasn’t “print your own in a letter size — in my head, there is nothing cute about an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper — or imported/Target sale bin stuff I could have bought at store with cashiers if I’d been inclined.
  • Why the heck not?

So, if you want to play with my experiments, downloads below. If you like them, leave a comment. The one with the stripes and the one with two pineapples are early versions, so the envelopes aren’t as clean and orange gets cut off. They’re free. Feel free to play around with printer settings.

20150407_182207_Richtone(HDR)Stripes Tropical Fruit Tropical Fruit2