Florida Roadtrippin’ Day Two (end point Ocala)

Day Two (Sunday, July 4)
We explored Hontoon and ate a picnic lunch there under the trees. Then, we hung out and read and enjoyed the breeze and the sun. It was honestly too hot to hike or bike and we’ve been kayaking so many cool places, it just didn’t seem worth it to kayak the river there. I’d love to go back, though, and camp. The park was pretty awesome.
Places to Stay: There is no other place to stay in Ocala besides the Princess Motel. I mean, in theory there are, but there’s no reason to. For less than $70, including tax, you get a clean room with a rain showerhead, a mini-fridge, microwave, table, comfy bed, AC, awesome vintage picnic tables near the pool, the kickassingest old-school pool with an honest-to-potatoes deep end (8 feet!), and a washer/dryer to use for washing your dirty clothes and used napkins.


Things to do:
Silver Glen State Park
(Also, any of the above listed stuff for Orange City. Ocala and Orange City are pretty close to each other.)
Blue Spring State Park (arrive early to enjoy the natural spring)
Hontoon Island State Park (take the free ferry and rent bikes or kayaks or just have lunch) <-what we did
DeLeon Springs State Park (arrive early)

Stuff to eat:
We ate breakfast in the room (bagels with vegan cream cheese); lunch at Hontoon State Park (he had a turkey and cheese sandwich with hummus and I had tomato, facon, and avocado with hummus); dinner was grilled veggie burgers, pasta salad, and baked beans on the lawn near the pool at the motel followed by watching fireworks and swimming.)