#BTFO & Rocks to the Chest

If you don’t know what #BTFO means, click on over to Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds post from a few weeks ago. The problem is that, as awesome as “beard the fuck on!” is, every time I hear it or read it, it reminds me of “rocks to the chest!”

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking that no you would not like “rocks to the chest” and you would not follow that statement with “beard the fuck on.” The problem is, there are times when it just feels like the right thing to offer.

In case you’re wondering where such a thing came from, the answer is that about six years ago I was convinced by a friend to sit through the first 120 or so episodes of Naruto. All of it fan-subbed. Here’s the thing about that: If you’re going to watch fan-subbed anime, do it in a group, do it with friends, do it with drugs (excessive sugar, caffeine, beer, heroin… I leave that up to you). It’s just better that way. If you’re going to watch fan-subbed kids’ shows, definitely get some friends and some margaritas or something. Really, it’s no good laughing that hard by yourself.

(As an aside, I was once crazy enough to let this friend talk me into attending an anime convention in Orlando where, aside from laughing hard enough to hurt myself, I found myself in a bar drinking beer with a couple from Ohio while sitting across the bar from two older guys dressed like “ninjas” from this show. We were also surrounded by oil paintings of monkeys in Victorian dress and honestly, I’m not sure I’ve been the same since.)

It has taken me this long to get around to this post because I had no idea what I’d done with the DVD copies of the .avi files and had to hunt them down and reinstall something that would play them. (Why did I keep such a thing? For times such as these, my friend.)

Yes, the same friend who talked me into watching this also named my cat.

At any rate, I hope you have a great week and Rocks to the chest!