Why Blog When I Could Be “Writing”

I’m not sure this post really helps explain it.

I’m not even sure I fall into any of those categories.  I don’t always feel compelled to share ideas.  I don’t have the dicipline to blog daily — or even weekly for that matter.  I seem to barely be able to keep up with my stationery business blog, store, twitter (I still don’t understand even the concept of that), Team FEST forums and chats, and shipping; shopping for, cooking for, and talking to my family; and personal communications via LJ, texting/talking, email, and penpaling.  Who has time for anything else?

Obviously, I’m overextended.  But ideas don’t just come to me as words, and living in a vacuum hasn’t worked out so well for others.

Besides, all those links they suggest take up time.  Time that could be spent actually writing.  Or playing Scrabble with the teenager.  Or telling my friend to play her piano — because we all sometimes need encouragement to follow our dreams, to pursue our passions, to stop putting dirty laundry on top of our talents because we’re too tired after a long day to actually drag them out and use them.

And, if you’ll excuse and indulge me…I have to go swap the clothes from the washer to dryer.