The TPR Pile That Ate Little Havana

I realize I haven’t updated this since Jesus was roaming around preaching about the free-market economy and liberal addictions to birth control or whatever.

(Frankly, I’ve read the Christian Bible and just don’t remember most of the stuff that gets attributed to it these days. Then again, since my childhood pastor was preaching about sin in between diddling the married organist, I kind of took the whole thing as a loose collection of suggestions that one could follow or discard as one saw fit. I don’t diddle church organists, but I enjoy cursing like a sailor and not crucifying my lesbian friends, so…there’s that.)

I’ve been busy. Otherwise engaged, if you will. I’ve been grading a lot of papers and scribbling a lot of half-baked chapters. I’ve become somewhat athletic. I’m still confused about that one. It’s not what one would call “part of my nature” so it’s weird to find myself plunking down $100 for running shoes. (This did not stop be from plunking down $76 for books, which means I might have to give up food this week.) I even organized a concert.


I’ve also been trying to keep up with reading and writing amidst all this. So far, I’ve only finished reading eleven books this year. Seems too few for the piles that are threatening to revolt. I’m pretty sure I have more in progress than I’ve finished.

I also know that after reading a lot of books last year that were set in L.A., I have an urge to read some set in FL. First Drop was fun andThe Professionalscaptured some of what makes Florida Floriduh. But, while it was fun getting an outsider’s take, I think I need to add some more FL authors to my pile.

You know, because that pile wasn’t already five or seven piles to begin with.

Okay, off to fix that outline.