Synthesizing & Citing

I read this review, in which there was this:

“…it makes it difficult for people to discern the source, point of view and spin factor of any particular fragment they happen across on the Web…’

And then I started to read this review (also linked from this one), and found this description:

One of the more trenchant cartoons of the Internet era features a stick-figure man typing furiously at his keyboard. From somewhere beyond the panel floats the irritated voice of his wife.

“Are you coming to bed?”

“I can’t,” he replies. “This is important.”


“Someone is wrong on the Internet.”

It struck me because I happen to know of that comic in question, and I also noticed Ross Douthat fails to mention (or maybe figure out) where the comic came from. Since I’ve dutifully put links to everything I can think to put links to, I might as well also tell you (and Ross Douthat) that the stick figure comic was offered under a creative commons license by Randall Munroe.