Stirred to Power

Stirred to power by rage, fearful spite

Triggered by self-righteous blame

Vitriol built upon the foundations of foreclosed homes, shuttered factories

So did a great and terrible darkness

Descend upon the land.

Great rolling waves on the sea to shining sea.

Crowned by red and pointed white.

Amid the many shelters

Did the bringers of love

Light their torches to fight

Stirred to power by threats, shotgun attacks

Triggered by an avalanche of deception

Determination founded on approaching death

Great rolling footfalls of brotherhood

Crowned by pussies and ranger hats

Thus did flame met flame

March across the land

Great rolling heat abolish the fruited plain

Tears apart all but the brightest

Destroys all but the lowest

Amid the ruins

Seeds cracked open by the inferno

Fed by bodies long gone

Stirred by rains of hope, nurtured despite

Triggered to sprout and grow

Great rolling fields of grain

Fed by the sun

As it rises on a new day

And the cycle begins again.