Staycation Day Ichi*

It’s raining.

The fish have been considering swimming in the yard instead of sticking to the pond.

It wasn’t raining when we got up this morning.  We went to the gym and got in a shower and lunch before the rain rolled in.  We got coffee right before the rain, actually.  I love coffee.

The yard is very happy about the weather.

This afternoon, I got a bit of writing done.  (So far, only about 500 words.  WriteOrDie thinks I had 612, but by the time I got rid of the repeats, misspellings, and rambling nonsense that accumulates when you’re typing as fast as you can…  Yeah, I still have work to do.)

The cats got a little bit of this done:

The little one did some of this:

At the moment, I’m “chatting” with a buddy in Afghanistan.  He’s excited that he gets to come home in week.  And by “home,” he means moving to Hawaii.  There are worse places to call home, I’m sure.  (The in-laws seemed to like it when they lived there.)

Later, my plans include some dinner and some more writing.  I tried to work through the problem I’ve been having while napping this afternoon.  Mostly, I just woke up with a cap on me.

I’ve reached the muddy middle and my normally-insane character has suddenly developed common sense.  I must rid her of this, so more mayhem will ensue.

(*Technically, I had Saturday & Sunday off, too.  Technically, today is an official holiday so I didn’t have to use vacation time. Technically, I don’t get vacation, so it’s either being labeled “sick” or “personal.”  Whatever.  I have a week off.  A “week” is usually considered to either be seven days or five, depending on if it’s a calendar or business week. Thus, today it officially Begins.)