Sleep – The Independent Film that ate my life

That’s the background I made for his Twitter page about a month or two ago. He’s since changed the film “logo,” which shows up everywhere now. *yawn* It’s been a hectic two months. It’s been a crazy week.

Saturday, I was in a canoe. The director and the director of photography (DP) were shooting “test shots” and “B-roll” in a park. I got to navigate the canoe with the extra equipment and stand-in for the actors while they set up shots and tried to figure out just how tight they could get things. It gave me a chance to finish reading Gone Baby Gone when I wasn’t paddling. (Yes, Jen Forbus, I’m working on the review for your challenge.)

Photo by Zack Hughes Photography, DP Sleep

Sunday, I don’t remember. I mean I remember it being on my calendar, but since I ended up running into a warehouse store, two thrift stores, a shoe store, a grocery store, a liquor store, an outdoor outfitters, a not-so-convenient convenience store, and a Seminole smoke shop — spread all over the county — in a matter of hours, plus attended a production meeting and…did I eat? I think I had one of those vegan food bars Hilary Davidson told me about. Thank you, Hilary!

Monday, I managed to ruin a not-so-perfectly-good pair of seven-year-old sneakers. (And, yes, I’m reading Walking the Perfect Square in the swamp.)

Zack Hughes Photography (Polaroid 600), DP Sleep

Overall, that day went well. It might have gone better if we hadn’t forgotten the paddles, but the wooden ones looked better on-camera anyway.

Zack Hughes Photography (Polaroid 600)

The actors have been great so far. Really took over the roles.

Below, are Jake Brown as Joey and Jay Gutierrez as Sam:

Zack Hughes Photography
Zack Hughes Photography (Polaroid 600)

If any of this looks interesting, fun, or crazy…please check out the USTREAM feed the next few nights (last night we got it going around 7:30 or 8pm — look for a link through the website or Twitter or do a search for “Sleep the film”).
Video streaming by Ustream

Follow on Twitter (@nelizadrew or @sleepthefilm). Check out the website. (I’m updating the blog with some more production stills next.) And, if you’re feeling generous or want your own copy of the film when it’s done (estimated final runtime of 20 minutes), head over to Kickstarter and pledge some money. (If you’re confused about how that works Kickstarter has a very user-friendly FAQs page.)

Oh, and thanks to Sabrina “Call-Me-Kate” Ogden for her blog post.