Quick & Easy Lunch: vegetarian fajitas

Both Hilary Davidson (the fabulous gluten-free queen of crime) and my sister (the fabulous surfing queen of recycling) like to refer to seitan as “satan.” One because it’s essentially gluten chunks, the other because she lives in the Bible Belt and it annoys our dad.

Feel free to call it whatever you want, but if you can indulge in gluten-based foodstuffs, it makes a perfect beef or chicken substitute in things like stir fry and fajitas.

  1. Pour a little oil — safflower, grapeseed, whatever — in a pan and toss in your seitan.
  2. Dump in some cumin, a bit of turmeric, chipotle, cayenne, or chili powder, and some garlic (or garlic powder). Base what you throw in on your tastes, not mine.
  3. Cut up some peppers and onions (or throw in some of the frozen stuff).
  4. Stir it up.
  5. Throw a handful (or two) of cherry tomatoes, some onion, and some sort of pepper (hot, small, whatever floats your boat) in a blender or food processor or wood chipper or antique fan or cousin Earl’s knife-throwing act and chop it up so it resembles salsa.
  6. Either make some fresh tortillas or open the bag you already have on the counter. (Note: I usually have at least one pack of the 365 brand whole wheat tortillas in the freezer because I have a tortilla addiction and don’t always have time to make them.)
  7. Assemble.
  8. Eat.

I’d include a photo, but I sort of devoured them. Sorry.