Nanowrimo, Reading, Elections… Oh, right, November.

I started NanNoWriMo. You know that crazy thing where people try to write a “novel” that’s only 50k words in the thirty days of November. (November still only has thirty days, right? I stayed up too late watching election results, keeping fingers crossed the best candidate would win and that Florida wouldn’t embarrass itself too much.) Where was I? Right. NanNoWriMo. That.

I’ve learned so far that I am easily distracted by my life. Also, that I find an average of 1000 words a day totally doable. I find 1667 words a day (on the same project anyway) to be akin to getting a ball of aluminum foil to orbit the sun at a predetermined velocity without burning up while escaping Earth’s atmosphere. I partly blame November. I mean, there’s the tale end of Halloween/Samhain and Day of the Dead. There’s an election. There’s the impending holidays, including one that involves three sets of relatives trying to convince me to eat turkey while I try to get them to try the ToFurkey.

There’s also that work has been all nut-busty lately. Too much spying, not enough free time for word flinging.

And my laptop is dying, slowly but surely, one part at a time. Today, it informed me the battery is a goner. (Yeah, I could replace it, but the rest of the system is so old it doesn’t seem worth it.)

But…. But! I’m going to figure out how to do this. Even if it takes me until the middle of December. Because, I’ve realized that part of the problem is my internal editor. (Yeah, I know, I was supposed to tie her up and gag her in the closet, but she’s not into that.) She’s not getting obsessed about passive tense (yet) or commas or whether Jack should have a French accent or not. That would be silly at this stage. But she make me pause and figure out if Jack should be in France or not to have this conversation, whether anything anyone just said makes sense, and whether the next thing everyone should do is this versus that (because the “outline” isn’t flowing that well). She’s made me add some description. Mostly, she’s trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing because part of the problem is I’m just not feeling this damn thing.

The outline I liked. The outline had me all excited. Somewhere between that and the execution, it’s gotten muddled. And Internal Editor isn’t happy with this willy-nilly running around just throwing words everywhere plan. She wants the words to be as excited as the outline. (Not “good,” just interesting, if that makes any sense.)
Okay, I’ve thrown too many words in the wrong place again.

(And I have a book to finish reading too.)

In other November news, the husband is still yelling out election results (partly because, yes, Florida is still a hot mess hooker with runny mascara, but at least she didn’t take off her skirt in court again yesterday).