NaNoWriMo Countdown

National Novel Writing Month starts Sunday (November 1st). For those not too hungover from Halloween the night before, it’s the golden opportunity to get started on that book nearly everyone claims to be writing or planning to write or talking about writing.  November, with all of its pre-holiday shopping nonsense and To-Furkey-scarfing activities, is the time to put the plan into action.


I may “cheat” this year.  I mean, last year I sort of cheated in that I took the story I’d been working on for years and decided to revisit it and rewrite it from a blank page.  It worked out well.  The story is stronger for my having done that.  There’s only so much editing one can do before a blank slate is in order.  Since there’s still at least half a book missing from that, I’m thinking it’s probably in my best, logical interest to write the second half of that — and use NaNoWriMo as an impetous to actually get it done — rather than start some new awful tale.  It’s cheating in spirit, but it’s not like you win a million dollars.  I guess we’ll see how the muses view it when we see which one’s talking to me Sunday.