I Can Has… Seedlings!

For those of you wondering why a writer (and teacher) is using lolspeak in a heading, calm down.  It’s sort of my Friday.  Tomorrow’s a planning day (read: teachers goofing off and pretending to get paperwork done or teachers stuck in pointless meetings wishing they could get paperwork done), which means I don’t have to teach students again until April 6th!  (Incidentally, a lot of my students make lolspeak seem downright academic.)

Typically, in FL seeds should be planted back in late fall.  That’s why all the talk of possibly-ruined vegetable crops in the Redlands back during the crazy freezes in January.  I, however, am lazy and the queen of procrastination land, so I got my seeds in the ground a few weeks ago.  (The weather’s also still been very “California” instead of Florida with warm days (but not “hot”) and cool nights, much more so than usual for this time of year, so I’m hoping I’ll get some kind of crop.

These little guys are lettuce:

I think these might be tomatoes or peppers…could be all sorts of things.  I didn’t exactly mark off and plant in rows this year since that wasn’t to the plants’ liking last year (they sprouted where they wanted to anyway).

I have no idea what this little guy is going to be (could be a weed…too soon to tell):