Favorite Used Book Stores

Down in Coral Gables there’s a great little bookstore called Books & Books.¬† They always have great live events and the layout and the bar in the courtyard are just fabulous.

Trekking down to Coral Gables though, takes me some time.  When I need a book in Broward, I have two favorite places.

When I want poetry, drama, classics and to be fascinated  by books I never knew existed, to be enveloped in the musty smell of old tomes, I go to The Bookshop.

When I want contemporary books I may not have ever heard of, but turn out to be terrific little reads, I stop into Well Read on the opposite end of town.

If you happen to be in South Florida — as a resident, a cruise ship passenger, a drunken spring breaker, or a bum on your way to the Keys to panhandle and fish — stop by one or both and pick yourself up a good book.