F.A.S.T Sandwiches

This is a recipe my buddy came up with and if he ever actually opens his own restaurant, go and eat one of his along with anything else he cooks — it’s all delicious.

Anyway, one hot summer Vegan Dinner Party night, we were thinking of something to make that would be tasty, but “summery” and didn’t involve a lot of cooking. He found a picture of a BLT on his phone that someone had put sprouts on, and said that looked good. The husband loves sprouts, so he voted yes. That just left the vegan-zing. Hence:

F – is for “facon” or fake bacon. (I prefer the tempeh strips from either Lightlife or Tofuky. The husband likes his crispier like the fakin bacon from Lightlife or Morningstar Farms (note the Morningstar is owned by Kellogg’s and is vegetarian, but not vegan.)

A – is for avocado. Mmm…avocado. (a little citrus juice will keep it from browning before you can eat it.)

S – is for sprouts. Spicy sprouts are our favorite, but alfalfa sprouts, kale sprouts…whatever. go nuts.

T – is for Tomato. Heirloom, big boy, Florida 91, you know…tomatoes.

For bread, I love this recipe (I use the Bob’s Red Mill egg substitute) and I make this loaf of bread at least once a week for sandwiches and toast. You, of course, can use whatever bread makes you happy — chewy sourdough, French loaf, ciabatta, multigrain…

As a spread, we use Vegenaise. I like it with a sprinkle of dried jalepeno on it. The budy likes with blended with fresh herbs and garlic.