Camp Cooking: OBX Edition

My sister and I headed out to Ocracoke on the Outer Banks of NC for a couple of nights of camping. For someone who’s planning a trip on a research vessel in the ocean, she really likes restaurants so the first night, we ate at Dagio’s.

The second night, we broke out the random camp ingredients and made beans and rice with veggie dogs in a blanket.

  • precooked bag rice (garlic)
  • vegetarian baked beans
  • vegan hot dogs
  • three slices of veggie cheees
  • two wraps
  • two slices of vegan “bacon” (facon)

We cooked the rice and beans in one pot and tossed in one of the slices of cheese. The veggie facon we cooked on foil and then tore up and tossed in the rice/beans mixture.

The dogs in a blanket: Lay out foil, a wrap, a slice of cheese, and wrap it all around a vegan dog. Grill and then serve with whatever condiments you want.

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