Book Reviews: Honesty and all that jazz…

There’s been a lot of rabble-rousing on the internet the past week about fake reviews, paid reviews, sock-puppet shenanigans, and other unethical behavior.

All that? I lack the time today to cover this in depth and people more eloquent than me have tackled it already. So, I’ll just stick to this blog and this little mouse’s hovel of the internet.

Reviews here might be for books I bought, books I was given, or books I got through Net Galley. How I got my hands on it doesn’t affect what I say about it. No one pays me for the opinions on this blog. And I don’t review things I haven’t read.

That said, I try not to bash books here. Yes, I’m snarky, bitchy, cantankerous, and cranky in general, but not about books. If it wasn’t my thing, I’ll say so — and explain why so you can still decide if it’s for you. (We all like different things and that’s great!) If I hated it so much my only opinions are of the vitriolic type, I just won’t mention it. You’ll never know unless you know me personally and we run out of other things to say — or you ask me directly offline.

Because of all the things I lack, a strong filter seems to be the thing that most hampers me socially. Sorry.

That said, enough of this. I have books to read, stories to write, and a lot of hummus to eat.