Bombs & Beers and the American Dream Flash Fiction Challenge

I’ve spent part of the day cheering on the stupid stock market like it was wearing a jersey and I had a bucket of beer.

Stocks, douchebaggy Congresspeople, “compromising” POTUSes, poor kids rioting because they’re angry and out of a future anyway, students protesting, citizens protesting, recalls, endless wars… It’s the stuff of a George Orwell tale. Or Ray Bradbury. Or Suzanne Collins for that matter.

Which means Hubby and I have been listening to a lot of The Shakers lately. Old-school-style punk rock out of Margate, FL. For giving your inner anger something to yell about, they can’t be beat.

So, in the spirit of “our failed economy” and “start[ing] a revolution,” I’m tossing a challenge out into the void. Take as your inspiration, either the song “American Dream” from their current CD Crabby Road or “Bombs & Beers” from Good Enough. I don’t care what they inspire you to do. Pick any random lyric, the title, the “theme,” whatever. Make it about 1000 words.

I give you until Aug. 30th because that’s when I’m supposed to be registered for something so that date will be on my mind anyway. (It’ll also give me a chance to track down a prize or two). Prizes, you ask? Sure. How ’bout a free Shakers CD to… (honestly, probably a name from a hat because I hate being all judgmental unless I’m not asked to be)?

To hear “American Dream,” click here. (Writers may also find a new anthem in the “Booze” song under it.)