Being a “mommy”

She’s asleep on my lap.  Her breath seems rapid for sleep, but she’s tiny and I guess that’s how it works for her.

I can feel her warm little paws through my jeans, and I can’t quite roll close enough to the desk because I’ll disturb her.  She’s a princess.

Apparently, she’s Princess Neptune.  And she’s the most adorable kitten, in both appearance and personality, that I’ve seen since our other two cats were young.

Like our other two cats, she was named by a friend.  Nappy came to us as a kitten of seven weeks old, but we’d known him for weeks already. (He was named by the couple who woke to find him and his brothers and sisters being born under the boyfriend’s head in his pillowcase.)

Baby NappyCat
Teenage NappyCat's junk food stage

Naruto showed up with a friend after she found him being kicked down in North Miami Beach.  He looked “a hot mess,” but he cleaned up well.  He was named by an anime-obsessed friend of ours who came over to play video games and fell in love, despite his allergies.

NarutoKitty before the vet helped fix him back up.
Just 2 months later, on his way to weighing 16lbs.

Princess Neptune, also known as “Little Bit” because of her current size (she only weighs in at a pound), arrived because a friend’s husband found her mewing in the friend’s mom’s bushes.  She was just under five weeks old at the time.

Neptune's second day with us.
Snoozing this afternoon

I never wanted to be a mother.  I tried being a mother to a teenager with a lot of problems.  It didn’t work out.  It’s just as well.  I’m not the mothering kind.

The kitten, however, has attached herself to me.  She howls when she hears me and can’t see me.  She runs to me when she seems my face.  She likes to sleep on my lap — I can’t imagine this will lap when she grows to be larger than my lap.

It’s cute.

I’ll take being a kitten mommy.