Travel Planners

So, I may have made some inserts for our trip binder for Bouchercon. My desk generally looks like a tornado hit a stationery store, but on extended trips  (especially those with multiple stops or drastic weather changes) I like to have a discbound notebook with tabs for each day, maps, forecasts, reservations, notes, etc. Along the way, I’ll use my portable punch and add brochures, receipts, and other paper flotsam, and when I get home, I pull it all out and put it in a folder. 20141013_142455

If you’d like your own sheets to help you pack up before Bouchercon (or anything else), the PDFs are below. They’re all 8.5 x 11 because that’s the size notebook I use for trip planning.

Packing List

Travel Journal

Outfit Planner

Daily Snapshot Planner