The Artifice Wish List

is so much better than my Amazon Wish List.

A sample:

  • 4 labyrinths created using parentheses, footnotes, endnotes, etc
  • 3 comics (.pdf format, please)
  • 5 stories that involve pictures, not as illustrations, but as an integral part of the stories themselves
  • 7 diagrams of horrible machines
  • 1 story designed for easy disassembly and transport
  • 1 story torn from a bookkeeping ledger
  • 1 mathematical proof
  • 3 stories or poems in the form of rules to an imaginary game
  • 4 stories that involve giant animals in some way
  • 2 poems based in whole or in part on Akira Kurosawa movies
  • 3 poems or stories based on internet memes
  • 3 pieces that will stump our graphic designer
  • 1 ode written in code

For the rest, head over to Artifice.